It is my passion to coach the Art of Horsemanship using the classical principles of dressage; force free in lightness, harmony and balance.

Growing up on a stud farm in the Netherlands, I learned to understand and handle horses from a very young age. Curious to explore the human-animal bond, equipped with the right tools and encouraged by my family, I was fortunate to be able to discover the world of horses and horsemanship.

At the age of thirteen I was training our clients horses and coaching riders at our riding school. When I was able to train any horse to Grand-Prix level, my parents send me out to continue my education in the equestrian arts.

My mother, whom is educated in the art of riding by cavalry master Colonel Weiler, has been a great inspiration during my career. Weiler was the private riding coach of the royal family of the Netherlands. Through him she studied the works of old and new masters and became acquainted with Egon von Neindorff who shared the same mission; to preserve the classical training for future generations.

Studying the works of old masters, I started searching for new masters in the art of riding, travelling throughout Europe to train with different equestrian masters. I then committed to Bent Branderup’s education at his academy in Germany and Denmark. I started the first academy for the Academic Art of Riding in the Netherlands and have educated many riders to become qualified coaches in the art of horsemanship.

In 2006 I moved to the beautiful north coast of New South Wales Australia, where I train riders and horses, educate interns and offer clinics around the world.

I hope to pass on the true essence of classical horsemanship and inspire people to work harmoniously with their horses on their quest to achieve unification.