The highest achievement in horsemanship is the ability to gain control over the horse; to lead it without breaking its spirit and its pride; to make its spirit grow and to make it proud of the connection with its human leader. Through the control you have gained over your own movements and emotions and that of the horse, the two individuals become like one.


True horsemanship means a balanced, harmonious relationship between you and your horse, without insecurities or fear. Then there will be a force free partnership between you and your horse, that will bring pleasure and fulfillment, in which you will find and achieve your ultimate goals.

Naturally, horsemanship can not exist without a solid foundation. This foundation consists of different parts, or “bricks”, that are all equally important. Only when they are all put together will you have a completed base. If you leave gaps and start building on only a few of the bricks in your foundation, somewhere along the way your castle will fall to pieces, or you will simply stop building.

However, if you complete your foundation by using all the “bricks” you will have a solid base in which you can trust and on which you can fall back along the journey you take with your horses. Then you will never lose balance and riding becomes a form of Art.